2D Arrays - 1 | What, Why, and How? | Lecture 17 | C++ and DSA Foundation Course

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Did you practice the problems covered in the last lecture? If not, please go through the previous lecture or class notes. For every class, the class notes and assignments can be accessed simply by clicking a link in the description.
In this lecture, Urvi mam is going to cover the next milestone in arrays i.e. 2-D arrays.
This is a very important application of the array and is often asked in various exams and interviews.
Let us gear up!
See you in the class!

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00:00 - Introduction
00:34 - Recap
03:24 - Multidimensional array
04:58 - 2-D array
13:13 - Methods to initialize a 2-D array
19:25 - Taking input in a 2-D array
21:38 - Code
24:00 - Why are multidimensional arrays needed
29:30 - Program to display the multiplication of two matrices entered by the user
46:45 - Code
54:20 - Program to display transpose of a matrix
Program to display transpose of a matrix
58:16 - Code
1:02:07 - Summary of lecture

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