#76 C++ Live Lectures in Hindi (Part-1) | Placement Preparation | OOP Concepts | @The Easy Concepts

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C++ Tutorials | L76: C++ Live Lectures in English + Hindi (Part-1) | Placement Preparation Notes | OOP Concepts | @The Easy Concepts

In this live streaming, we are going to talk about complete C++ concepts from the perspective of placement preparation.
We are going to discuss the following topics -
1. Understanding the first C++ program
2. Insertion and extraction operators
3. OOP Concepts
4. This Pointer
5. Initializer List
6. Structure vs Class
7. Constructors and Destructors
8. Inheritance
9. Polymorphism
10. Virtual Functions
11. Friend Functions and Friend Class
12. Exception Handling
13. Generic Programming
14. Standard Template Library

Please watch the full video to understand the OOP Concepts in more detail.

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