Building Our First Deep Learning App from Scratch - Hello Mnist

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Let's build awesome, useful and beautiful apps using deep learning and Flutter! This video quickly brings you up to speed to building apps using Flutter and we will build a simple digit identifier and deploy it to the appstore. What apps would you like to see me build next? #ZeroToDeployment

Download app on Playstore:
Github repository:
Zero to deployment playlist:

The drawing part of the app was heavily inspired (copied) by Puzzleleaf so please check him out:

Awesome tflite flutter package used (Give him a ⭐) :

Links referred to in the video: (

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0:00 - Introduction
3:20 - Developing the model
25:55 - Developing the app
2:05:13 - Improvements and publishing to appstore
Разработка на Flutter
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