C++ Programming - How to Use and Format the iostream?? (cin/cout.flags) - SavvyNik [Highlight]

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C++ Programming [Highlight] where we use Visual Studio Code on Linux. This C++ Tutorial is intended for C/C++ Beginners with Programming in 2020 and will show you how to use and format iostream (cout). Iostream allows you to receive/send basic user input/output. C/C++ allows you to format this stream of characters that are output to the user (cout) using cout.flags() so that you can display it in the intended way to the user. Learn how to use cout.flags() to format cout.

This is a highlight of a live stream. We went over previous C/C++ episodes and did a review. In this review we looked at the cout.flags() function and then figured out how to format the iostream in C/C++. If you would like to watch the entire live stream here's a link - https://youtu.be/XHLCI8Z-o68 this includes more information and covers more topics on C/C++ programming as a review of the series for C/C++ Beginners.

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