C++ Tutorial for Beginners Ep#6 - iostream - cout, cin, cerr, clog basic input/output - SavvyNik

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C++ Tutorial for Beginners Ep#6 where we learn How To write to/from the screen using iostream and the cout, cin, cerr, and clog objects. iostream in C++ is useful for interacting with a user. This C++ Tutorial is intended for C++ Beginners and will help you understand how to use cout, cin, cerr, and clog in C++. This C++ Tutorial is for Beginners who are learning the concepts of C++. Use Visual Studio Code or any text editor to follow along. iostream is helpful for debugging purposes as well. Make sure to subscribe so you can follow the series.

There are four types of iostream objects that we'll learn about today. Cout, cin, cerr, and clog. Each of these has its own unique purpose for interacting with a user or gathering information for later use. We'll learn how to redirect cerr and clog so they don't get displayed on the console using bash. Cout and Cin are heavily used in beginner programs and help create simple tools such as calculators or other fun projects that get basic information from a user and then you can return a result. We'll add two numbers together today that the user supplies and return a result in our example.
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