Coding My First C++ Game In One Week!

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This week I took on the challenge of learning C++ and SDL2. This was a really fun programming challenge and in this video I share my final results for what I was able to make with C++ in one week!

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0:00 Intro
0:17 Rules and Groundwork
0:49 Starting Development
1:14 Compiler Explanation
1:44 Player Movement
2:41 Artwork
2:54 Animations
3:45 Asteroids
4:11 The Final Product
4:21 Outro

--Descriptive Description--
In this video I embark on an epic mission to learn c++/sdl2 in one week. I start by setting some basic rules. The most important of which being that whatever progress I can make in one week of programming. Must be shared online. I then start learning the basics of c++/sdl2 with the help of CoderGophers tutorial series on creating a game with c++/sdl2. After playing around by myself I was able to get a simple sdl2 movement system setup which I was really proud of! I then go on to add player animations, entity management, asteroids and a game over screen. Overall this challenge was a ton of fun and attempting to learn c++/sdl2 is a challenge I would recommend to everyone!
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