CRYENGINE Summer Academy Season 1 - Episode #6 Coding in C++ Gameplay Platformer Mechanics

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In this tutorial, Joshua shows you how to implement the platforming mechanics seen in Breeze. These mechanics are coded in C++, and you’ll learn how to use various methods and engine features to create different movements and actions. In this part you will see how to make the classic platforming mechanic of falling platforms by creating an Entity Component from scratch in C++.

00:00: Intro
01:55: Creating Classes
05:08: Creating Component
07:33: Reflect Type
14:31: Adding Variables
16:31: Register Type
22:25: Testing Component Registration
23:34: Exposing Variables
24:20: Adding Events
25:12: Handling Trigger Enter
25:29: Testing Variables in Editor
26:15: Variable Defaults
26:43: Loading Geometry
28:00: Loading Material
29:41: Physicalize Object
31:31: Adding the Trigger
38:13: Updating Editor Prooperties
39:07: Handle Update Event
44:02: Preview Rendering
47:47: Testing in Editor

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