Custom Mixed Reality in C++ with libQuestMR - Part 1 : Camera Calibration

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Presentation of libQuestMR, an opensource C++ library that I created to do have full control of the mixed reality recording on Quest 2.

Github page of the project :

00:00 - Intro & presentation of libQuestMR
01:17 - Protocol analysis with wireshark
04:43 - Quest communication with libQuestMR
06:13 - Camera calibration mathematics
09:44 - Camera calibration with libQuestMR
11:27 - Ending

Features :
- Camera-to-headset calibration
- Mixed reality capture with or without greenscreen.
- Bridge to OpenCV.

Future plan :
- Graphical interface and app for Computer and Android.
- Moving camera
- Full body tracking (maybe)
- Any interesting feature (comment if there is a platform or feature you d like)

More detailed explanation about camera calibration math :

Most of the analysis has been done using Wireshark, but I also got some details from RealityMixer :

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