Finding the importance of proper null safety migration (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 50)

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Filip and Fitz attempt to fully upgrade the Hacker News app, and address the runtime bug they saw at the end of the previous episode. This adventure takes them to fun places, such as the internal implementation of string interpolation in Dart SDK, and at one point they even have to resort to print debugging.

Will they figure it out? Watch to find out! (Yes, they will.)

0:00 - Picking up what we put down: debugging an error in the HN app
7:05 - Breakpoints and Isolates? No, just awaiting futures
13:56 - Stepping through a deserializer… wait, what's the error again?
16:18 - Refining our Quest… where does the error happen?
25:45 - Filip has a hunch about the length of the log message
28:10 - The actual error is found!
35:30 - On the dangers of search/replace
41:13 - "Oh wait!" Is the error resolved now?!?
43:32 - How could we have known there was more to the message?

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