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Hey folks.
After successful completion of the 30 Days of Web Development program, we are back with the Flutter 101-Bootcamp, a Bootcamp that will help you learn flutter from scratch through hands-on sessions and get better with it.

Register Here:- https://bit.ly/fcamp101

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Attendance link:- https://forms.gle/ZW6NuJJ8gyHe9za19

Note: We will be having a doubt session on discord after the session video ends.

Topics to be covered today:-
- Working with external images
- Revamping the dice app.
- Developing and Coding UI's

Code for UI's made in the session:
UI 1: https://github.com/harshkumarkhatri/Flutter-UI-1-Login-UI
UI 2: https://github.com/harshkumarkhatri/Product-Showcase-UI-Flutter

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