Flutter - How To Generate Random Numbers (With Different Ranges)

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What is up? In this video, you can quickly figure out how to generate numbers on Flutter with whatever range you prefer.

It's very straightforward.

Just import "dart:math" and then use the Random() class to access the nextInt function. All you have to do is provide that function with the max number you want to randomize to! But the number itself is non-inclusive.

So, just watch the video to make sure you understand the explanation, thanks!

00:00 - Intro
00:35 - Importing dart:math
00:45 - Randomizing From 0-100
01:35 - Randomizing From 0-10
01:55 - Randomizing From 1-10
02:28 - Randomizing From 5-10
02:57 - Randomizing From 50-100
03:30 - Like & Subscribe
03:40 - Flutter Mentor Out

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