Flutter Setup | Dart Setup | First Dart Program | Setting up VS Code for Flutter Development

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In this video, we look at how to download flutter SDK and dart SDK. How to extract the downloaded files and set up environment variables. Then we look at testing the flutter and dart installation. We see how to download and install vs code and install the required extensions for flutter development.

I recommend the two official extensions flutter, dart and then another extension called colonize to help with the dart programming.

Finally, after the setup is done we look at how to create the first dart program. How to create first dart project in vs code.

Here are the detailed steps presented in the video:
1. Download flutter sdk.zip
2. Extract zip file to a folder
3. Add c:/flutter/bin to the path environment variable
4. Check flutter and dart
IDE Setup:
1. Download and install VS Code
2. Install Flutter and Dart plugin
1. Creating first dart program
2. Creating a dart project from the command line
3. Creating a dart project in vs code

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