Flutter UI Tutorial - Designing Movies Neon App UI Design DesignCode (Figma to Flutter) [ PART 2 ]

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Hi everyone, I am @Abdul Aziz Ahwan from Indonesia,
In this video, we will learn Figma to Flutter with best practice. Which we are going to create a Movies Neon App UI Design Freebies from DesignCode Figma Community.
A lighting and glowing user interface from scratch using neon style.

Designed by Sourasith
Refer to this ► https://www.figma.com/community/file/1076511483626225352
Video tutorial by @DesignCode ►https://youtu.be/lceG4iKNfEg

And in this section, we will implement many widgets and concepts, such as implement Glassmorphism, Blur Background, Masking Widget and much more. I hope it will be useful to apply to your next project.

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