Flutter Vs React Native [2021] | Which one is FASTER? | Performance and Build size Benchmark

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In this video we are comparing flutter vs React native development speed and we are benchmarking various aspects. The ultimate goal of this video is to find out the performance of React native and Flutter and decide the which one is faster and winner interns of the development.

Here is the parameters we are benchmarking
1. Project creation time in React native
2. Project creation time in flutter
3. iOS build and run in React native
4. iOS build and run for the 2nd time in react native
5. iOS build and run in Flutter
6. iOS build and run in Flutter 2nd time
7. Hot reload time in flutter
8. Hot reload time in react native
9. CPU utilisation and performance for the flutter run
10. CPU utilisation and performance for the React native run
11. Android build and run time in Flutter
12. Android build and run time in React Native
13. Android app build size in flutter
14. Android app build size in React Native
15. iOS iPA build size in flutter
16. iOS iPA build size in React native
17. Flutter and React native parallel run
18. Dart programming cpu utilisation time
19. Node cpu utilisation time

Which one is better ? Flutter or React native, Who is the winner.
Is Flutter is better than React native ?
Is React native is better than flutter ?
Which one is best as a hybrid mobile application development
Flutter Vs React native.

From the above parameter flutter or react native which one takes less time for project creation that will be winner in point 1 and 2
Build size is always important. So which app is having less build size that is the winner in race between flutter and React native

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