Full Interview With the Creator of C++

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By popular demand, and a request from the man himself, we’ve decided to release the full interview with esteemed computer scientist Bjarne Stroustrup (aka the creator of C++). We cover a bunch of topics so check the chapters to find what interests you the most! Filmed last year. Enjoy and happy trails!

P.S. Our main mic failed on this shoot, which is why the audio isn't the best - we recommend to not put it too loud and read the subs if you find it annoying.

00:00-02:42 Getting into programming
02:42-03:26 Programming being versatile
03:26-06:07 Industry changes
06:07-10:20 Inventing and maintaining C++
10:20-12:02 Key to making a successful language
12:02-16:04 Greatest lessons
16:14-20:06 Moving to the US
20:06-23:20 Advice to devs

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