Getting Into C++ with Unreal Engine - Part 6 - User Interface (A)

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This is the first part of a double episode going over the creation of UI elements in Unreal Engine,
using UMG Widgets.
It takes advantage of the opportunity to cover basic UI design and documentation as well as:
Making C++ classes which you then subclass with blueprints,
and logging with UE_LOG, or UE_LOGFMT.

# Links
Chat about gamedev on Discord:
Project on Github:

C++ Operator Overloading:
C++ Function Overloading:

Official Unreal Documentation
Build Configurations Reference:

# Chapters
00:00 Introduction
00:41 The HUD Class
03:48 Enhanced Input... Again
06:42 Operator Overloading
09:07 Introducing Widget Base Class
09:43 Naming Conventions... Again
10:59 Making Widget Base Class
11:49 The 'WITH_EDITOR' Trap!
17:11 Widget Design Processes
23:14 Widget Inheritance Structure
24:53 The Widget Designer
27:09 Root Widgets & Panels
30:19 Assembling Widgets Pt.1
35:36 Project Download
36:04 Assembling Widgets Pt.2
38:02 C++ Widget Base Class
39:11 TObjectPtr
42:05 'BindWidget' Properties
45:24 StatBarBase C++
52:56 Building... Confidence
53:43 Reparenting Widgets
54:57 Summary
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