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Google Workspace – a suite of web applications for businesses, education providers and nonprofits that include customizable versions of several Google products accessible through a custom domain name. Services include, but are not limited to, Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Google Docs Editors, Google Sites, Google Meet, Google Chat, Google Cloud Search, and more.
Google My Business
Google Tables (beta) - Business workflow automation tool
Developer tools[edit]
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – an open-source project and service to accelerate content on mobile devices.[1][2][3] AMP provides a JavaScript library for developers and restricts the use of third-party JS.[4][5]
Google App Engine – write and run web applications.
Google Developers – open source code and lists of API services. Provided project hosting for free and open source software until 2016.
Dart – a structured web programming language.
Flutter – a mobile cross platform development tool for Android and iOS.
Go (programming language) – a compiled, concurrent programming language.
OpenSocial – APIs for building social applications on many websites.
Google PageSpeed Tools – optimize webpage performance.
Google Web Toolkit – an open source Java software development framework that allows web developers to create Ajax applications in Java.
Google Search Console Sitemap – submission and analysis for the Sitemaps protocol.
GN – meta-build system generating Ninja build configurations. Replaced GYP in Chromium.[6]
Gerrit – a code collaboration tool.
Googletest – testing framework in C++.[7]
Bazel – a build system.
FlatBuffers – a serialization library.
Protocol Buffers - a serialization library similar to FlatBuffers.
Shaderc - tools and library for compiling HLSL or GLSL into SPIRV.
American fuzzy lop – a security-oriented fuzzer.
Google Guava – core libraries for Java.
Google Closure Tools – JavaScript tools.
Google Colaboratory – write Python code using a Jupyter notebook.
Security tools[edit]
reCAPTCHA – a user-dialogue system used to prevent bots from accessing websites.
Google Safe Browsing – a blacklist service for web resources that contain malware or phishing content.
Titan – a security hardware chip.[8][9]
Titan Security Key – a U2F security token.[10]
Titan M – used in Pixel smartphones starting with the Pixel 3.[11]
Titan C – used in Google-made Chromebooks such as the Pixel Slate.[12]
Operating systems[edit]
Android – a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers by Google and the Open Handset Alliance.
Wear OS – a version of Android designed for smartwatches and other wearable items.
Android Auto – a version of Android made for automobiles by Google.
Android TV – a version of Android made for smart TVs.
Cast OS – a version of Google Cast which powers some Google Nest devices.
Chrome OS – a Linux-based operating system for web applications.[13]
Glass OS – an operating system for Google Glass.
Fuchsia – an operating system based on the Zircon kernel.

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