How to Connect ManyChat to Dialogflow in 2022 (No Coding Required)

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In this video, I will explain how you can connect ManyChat to DialogFlow so you can use Google AI's in your ManyChat chatbot.
With this integration, you can:
- Understand the intent of the user and reply with a ManyChat Flow
- Handle entities and use the value of entities in your ManyChat flow
- Handle multiple languages inside your ManyChat chatbot by using DialogFlow
-And use Dialogflow on every channel of your ManyChat chatbot

The best part: I provide you with $100 for the first 60 days for Digital Ocean (which means it is free for the first two months)! After that, this will only cost you $5 per month and you have complete control over it.
Get $100 credit on Digital Ocean:

Huge thanks to Daian Gan ( for creating the Python code and giving it for free on Github!

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