How to use React Navigation 5 in React Native (Part 3) - Deep Linking Between Apps

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Part 2 ( demonstrated how to use hooks specific to React Navigation and theme your apps using the React Navigation library. This video will show you how to use deep links which will allow you to open screens in one app using links from a different app.

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02:15 - Setting up the 'linking' object that allows external links to connect to your app
03:50 - Building the config object that defines the screen links
6:50 - using the built-in Linking class to create the links in the 2nd test app
9:40 - Adding the URL Type in Xcode (Necessary for deep linking in iOS)
11:06 - Adding config to receive a parameter in a screen
16:43 - Adding config to link to Individual tabs within a tab navigator
18:18 - using the 'exact' flag to match paths (useful for nested navigator screens)
21:15 - Adding config for paths with multiple parameters
21:44 - Adding config for optional parameters
23:04 - Parsing link paths to specify the parameter types
25:59 - Finishing the rest of the link urls in the 2nd test app and testing links
38:20 - A quick overview of Android setup for deep linking
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