Inheritance & Polymorphism | Chapter-8 | Java Programming

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Following are the lectures:
128. Inheritance in Java (Part 1)
129. Inheritance in Java (Part 2)
130. Inheritance and Private Attributes
131. The super keyword in Java
132. Constructor Chaining in Java
133. Constructor Chaining - Example
134. Overriding Methods in Java
135. The Object Class and toString() in Java
136. Polymorphism in Java
137. Method Binding and Method Matching in Java
138. Method Binding and Method Matching - Example
139. Casting Objects in Java
140. The equals Method in Java
141. The protected Access Modifier in Java
142. Preventing Extending and Overriding
143. Inheritance and Polymorphism - Exercise 1
144. Inheritance and Polymorphism - Exercise 2

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