Learn API Integration in Flutter | Building A Dictionary App with OwlBot API | (Under 20 Minute)

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Wanna learn how to implement api in flutter in under 20 minutes ? In this video, I am going to show you how to implement api to fetch data in our application with OwlBot API

We will be creating a dictionary app with streambuilder state, which fetches data from owlbot api. The topics which you learn in this video are listed below:
#1 Learn how to create the search ui bar
#2 Learn how to handle streambuilder and extract data from snapshot
#3 Make Api call in Flutter App
#4 Using the GET method
#5 Finally finding the best method for solving the errors.

LINK : https://github.com/backslashflutter/dictionary_app_flutter
OWLBOT API : http://owlbot.info/

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