Learning Jetpack Compose By Example - Vinay Gaba

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Recorded at Android Summit 2020 https://androidsummit.org

Over the course of the last few years Android development has gone through significant changes in how we structure our apps, the language we use for development, the tooling & libraries that help us speed up our development and the improvements in testing our apps. What had not changed in all these years is the Android UI toolkit. This changes with Jetpack Compose that aims to reimagine what Android UI development would look like using declarative programming principles. It is heavily influenced by existing web and mobile frameworks such as React, Litho, Vue & Flutter and would be a paradigm shift in Android UI development as we know it. Compose is the most exciting thing to happen to Android in the last few years.

In this talk, we will take a deeper look at what declarative programming means and how we should think about it when building our apps. We will look into the main principles of Jetpack Compose and try to draw parallels with the "old Android way" of doing common tasks. Lastly, we will dive into various code examples and learn how to build layouts, manage state, write custom views, style our views, access resources and more, all using Jetpack Compose.

Companion code - https://github.com/vinaygaba/Learn-Jetpack-Compose-By-Example
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