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Hello there and welcome to my course, in this course I'm going to teach you how to create a fully functional Android application using the power of Kotlin programming language. We are going to develop Food Recipes application, where we can browse recipes from various different kind of meal and diet types. This App Design will be a lot similar to the one from my Material UI Design course which I made a while ago.

Our application will work with both Remote and local data sources. And for Remote data source we will use a third party API for food recipes, called Spoonacular. I'm going to teach you how to establish connection between your app and the server. So basically we will send GET Request to our API and receive a list of food recipes as a Response. Also our app will be able to handle no internet connection, and store or cache the data localy to our database when it's needed.

We will use all popular Android Architecture Components like:
- Navigation Component
- Data Binding
- ROOM Library
- DataStore Preferences
- LiveData
- ViewModel
- Dagger-Hilt
- Kotlin Flow
- ViewPager
- Retrofit for HTTP Requests
- DiffUtil for our RecyclerView
- Database Inspector for analyzing our Database
- Motion Layout
and more..

Also from our application we will be able to search recipes from our API directly. So if you have your favorite flavor you can search it here and probably you'll find many amazing recipes. Next our app will have Favorites Fragment where we can save our favorite recipes for later use when we need them.

However this course is not for Absolute Beginners in Android Development, at least you need to have a basic knowledge about most popular Android Architecture components, and Kotlin programming language in general. This is not going to be easy task especially if you haven't worked before simultaneously with API and local database. Still don't get discouraged everything is learnable here, if you are motivated enough of course.

One more thing, so this course will be an ongoing project which means that I will post updates on a regular basis, whenever we find a new bug, or
whenever some code cleanup is required. Which is why I want to involve all of you who watch this course to work together with me in making this
app even better. I'm going to give me you more details about that at the end of this course of course.

So what are you waiting for, let's get started developers!
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