New social apps want to help Bitcoiners connect in real life

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With the rise of crypto currencies, new social apps are trying to bring Bitcoiners together in the real world. We've seen the Stacks and LovesBitcoin apps. But we've also seen the Orange Pill App and Orange Peel Up. But do these social apps really help Bitcoiners connect in real life? Let's find out. And if we're wrong, how does this impact the future of Bitcoin?


Orange Capsule and LovesBitcoin are two of the latest social apps aimed at connecting Bitcoiners in the real world. Both apps feature geolocation and are meant to help people find friends, post-conference catch-ups, and jobs. The app also offers bitcoiners the chance to share memes and share photos of themselves.

Orange Pill App

There are a variety of reasons why the Orange Pill social app wants to bring Bitcoiners together in the real world. Many Bitcoiners use anonymous social networking accounts to avoid doxing, or the practice of divulging personal information. However, there are also risks involved. Some Bitcoiners may reveal their identities to bad actors, who could use these accounts to identify whales and carry out $5 wrench attacks on their wallets. The Orange Pill social app wants to keep users safe by sharing "fine illustrations of humankind," such as memes. The app has a long development roadmap that covers events, employment, and love.

The app encourages users to listen and participate rather than dominate conversations, so as to avoid alienating others. After all, Bitcoiners aren't hardcore libertarian freedom maximalists. However, that doesn't mean they aren't open to engaging in conversations on the topic. The Orange Pill social app also encourages users to share memes and "fine examples of human behavior" that demonstrate how Bitcoiners can be nice and supportive of each other in real life.

The Orange Pill app is an example of a new kind of social networking platform. The app uses geolocation to allow Bitcoiners to connect with other Bitcoiners nearby. It can be used for friendship, post-conference catch-ups, and even for professional purposes. The founders believe that the app will increase Bitcoiners' connection in real life. And the service is free. So what's the catch?

A number of other bitcoin-centric dating services are already available. These include Orange Pill App and LoveisBitcoin. However, both of these services are still very new and have yet to be tested in real life. If the Orange Pill social app is any indication, the service will only increase Bitcoin users' chance of finding love. And who knows, the app could even increase the number of new Bitcoiners in real life.


Stacks is a new blockchain network that rolls up Bitcoin transactions into bundles and settles them within Bitcoin transactions. Stacks is a layer-1 blockchain similar to Ethereum, and it has inspired a range of early Bitcoin projects.

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