OOPs One Shot | C++ and DSA Foundation course @CollegeWallahbyPW

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OOP is a very important concept used commonly to implement complex logic.
In this class, Urvi mam is going to cover the OOP concept in c++. She will demonstrate each and every concept with the help of coding examples.
This is a very important topic for those eyeing placements and internships.
Follow us to prepare for the college exams, interviews and placements with immaculate problem-solving and coding skills.
See you in the class !!
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00:00 - Introduction
01:13 - Today's checklist
02:10 - Why Object Oriented Programming
07:40 - What is object oriented programming
11:22 - What is a class
14:55 - What are objects
17:01 - Coding implementation of class and object concept
23:10 - Constructor
30:11 - Destructor
33:34 - Encapsulation
38:43 - Abstraction
40:03 - Inheritance
41:10 - Example of inheritence
49:56 - Types of inheritence
56:18 - Diamond problem
58:54 - Polymorphism
01:00:05 - Compile time polymorphism
01:12:09 - Run time polymorphism
01:16:40 - Compile time polymorphism vs Run time polymorphism
01:18:27 - Friend Function
01:22:30 - Summary

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