React JS & Asp.Net Core Web API - Image Upload, Retrieve, Update and Delete

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React & ASPNET Core API - Image Upload, Retrieve, Update and Delete

This 2nd video in this series of ReactJS image upload retrieve and delete or image gallery with core API. In our first video, we've updated an image to core web API through react js.

First of all, we've enabled static file serving from core API. Then retrieved all of the records with the uploaded images back to the react js application. All of the records iterated with map function to render them all in table rows and cells. Finally, the remaining operations update and delete are implemented for the records with the image.

Tools Used: VS Code, Visual Studio, SSMS, Postman

Discussion @ Time
0:00 - Summary
01:14 - Enable serving static files in .Net Core API
08:38 - Iterate throug table rows and cell with map function
13:53 - Update uploaded image in react
24:37 - Delete uploaded image

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