React & React Native Virtual Meetup #16 | RNBlr x GeekyAnts

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Watch the React & React Native super show with a lineup of interesting speakers and supercharged discussions live.

Agenda -

0:00:00 Pre-Stream

0:15:20 Intro by Digvijay Wanchoo

0:17:45 Keynote by Sankhadeep Roy (Twitter - @sankhadeep_roy)

0:27:31 React Native CI/CD Setup by Oluwatobi Shokunbi (Twitter - @just1and0)

0:46:07 Bridging between React Native and Swift - Gurmanjot Singh (Twitter - @GurmanjotR)

1:03:40 Reacting to the Native by Yash Gupta (Twitter - @yashguptaz)

1:23:48 Notifications on React Native using Firebase Cloud Messaging with Notifee - Neeraj Sinha (Twitter - @NeelSinha25)

1:47:21 Declarative Animations with Framer Motion - Bhargav Ponnapalli (Twitter - @imbhargav5)

2:08:40 State management with SyncState - Himanshu Satija (Twitter - @HimanshuSatija_)

Hosted by: Digvijay Wanchoo, A. Manager, Marketing & Communications, GeekyAnts (Twitter - @digvijaywanchoo)

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