RESTful Microservices with Spring Boot Project Overview

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An overview of a full playlist where I build a Spring Boot app from the ground up, including:
1) Installing IntelliJ IDEA on a Windows VM,
2) Starting a Spring Boot project with Spring Initializr,
3) Implementing test Driven Design with JUnit,
4) Implement CI/CD with CircleCI,
5) Installing WAMP,
6) Creating a database in MySQL, and connecting to it with Spring JPA,
7) Adding caching to make data reads more efficient,
8) Implementing Logging and Exception handing,
9) Communicating between services with a Kafka topic,
10) Deploying and migrating our applications to Azure, and
11) Using Microsoft Azure's Event Hub to enable publish subscribe messages between microservices.

The full Spring Boot Microservices playlist is available at:

You can also find the source code for this example on GitHub, at:
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