Simple Timer App Swift Xcode Tutorial - Stopwatch (Count up Timer)

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Todays tutorial I provide an example of how to build a simple timer app using Swift & Xcode.
A great beginner programming project, we are building a simple Stopwatch iOS app. Which is essentially a timer counting up from zero.

We build a basic layout using UIKit and storyboards in the first part of the tutorial, we will have a timer label, timer start / stop buttons as well as a timer reset button.

In the second part of the swift tutorial we use a scheduled timer in our main view controller to manage our count up timer. As well as make out start stop button toggle. For the reset button we will create an Alert Dialog to prompt the use to make sure that they really do want to reset the timer.

Android Studio Timer App Tutorial:

Timer App Example Source Code:

00:00 - Intro
00:42 - Layout - Storyboard
02:05 - Outlets - Assistant Editor
02:34 - Timer Swift
07:41 - Testing

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