Special Number in Java in Hindi | Iterative Constructs in Java Programming Practice 03

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Program discussed:
Write a program to input a number and print whether the number is a special number or not.
(A number is said to be a special number, if the sum of the factorial of the digits of the number is same as the original number.)
For example, 145 is a special number because 1! + 4! + 5! = 1+24+120 = 145
Similarly, 40585 is special number because 4! + 0! + 5! + 8! + 5! = 24+1+120+40320+120 = 40585.

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Java provides three types of looping constructs in - for loop, while loop and do - while loop. All three loops repeat a set of instructions as long as the underlying condition remains true. The underlying condition is termed as the test condition. The test condition may be evaluated before the start of the loop or at the end of the loop. Accordingly, the loop is termed as an entry - controlled loop or exit - controlled loop, respectively.
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