Target Sum | Problems in Arrays - 1 | Lecture 14 | C++ and DSA Foundation Course

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"How was the previous class?
If you have not watched it yet, we highly recommend you to go through it before watching this problem-solving class.
In this class, Urvi mam is discussing array/vector-based problems and the approaches to solve them.
Arrays and vectors are a bit confusing and hence, as promised, we will be taking you step by step through many problem-solving classes.

Stay tuned for more !
Happy learning !!

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00:00 - Introduction
00:20 - Recap of previous topics in brief
02:12 - Target Sum Problems
02:20 - Pairs in an array adding up to a target value
08:40 - Target sum with triplets
23:09 - Array Manipulation
23:30 - Finding a unique number in a given array
30:47 - Finding second largest value in a given array
55:54 - Rotating a given array by k steps
1:12:40 - If an element is present in the array or not
1:22:35 - Summary

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