To Do List App using Recycler View Android Studio Kotlin Example Tutorial

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How to create a to do app recycler view with a card view in each cell using material design components. We allow for the user to mark each item as completed as well as reuse our edit modal for both new and editing task items. Part 2 of an Android Todo list app tutorial series, we continue the example project by putting our data into a list.

Learn how to use a pop up time picker in Kotlin as well as recycler views, view model and card views.

Recycler View Complete Source Code:

To do list Part 1:

Android ViewModel:

00:00 - Todo App Intro
00:51 - Model Task Item Kotlin Class
01:39 - View Model Updates
03:29 - Update New Task Sheet
05:22 - Layouts XML
07:53 - Adapter / View Holder
10:27 - Basic Recycler view working
10:33 - Finish updating Cells
14:01 - Pop up Timer Picker
16:0 - Final Testing App

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