UDB Time Travel Debugger C/ C++ - Emacs demo

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This video shows a quick look at UDB used in Emacs. UDB is a time travel debugger that enables developers to reverse debug software failures quickly and easily.

UDB redefines debugging by delivering an entirely different workflow which accelerates finding and fixing bugs.

Don’t step forward through code, simply time travel backward to find the answers. Debug Different.

▪️ Reverse debugging
▪️ Single step forward or backward
▪️ Run forward or backward
▪️ Hit breakpoints, conditional breakpoints & watchpoints - running forward or backward
▪️ Jump to a bookmark in your program’s execution history
▪️ Jump to specific a moment in time in your program’s execution
▪️ Full inspection of global and local variable values
▪️ Full compatibility with GDB commands
▪️ IDE support or use directly from the command line

GET A FREE TRIAL: https://undo.io/udb-form
For more product information on UDB visit: undo.io/udb
UDB Technical documentation: undo.io/udb-technical-docs

[Jan 2021]
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