What is Coding? (The Guide for Parents) #SwiftAcademyPlayground #education #usa #k12

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Think of coding like teaching a computer to follow recipes. Just like a recipe tells us what to mix and cook to make a dish, coding tells computers what to do. Sometimes it's called software or computer programming, too.

We talk to computers with special languages they understand, like Swift, JavaScript, Python, or even with visual blocks that are like digital Legos.

These codes are everywhere! They make our fridges keep cool, our water heaters warm, and they even help drive our cars and manage our buildings.

For kids today, learning to code is as important as learning to read and write. It's not just about computers; it's a new way for them to be creative and turn their big ideas into reality. Plus, they get to use Swift, a fun and easy-to-understand language, to bring their colorful imaginations to life!
Язык программирования Swift
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