How to set up Visual Studio Code for Executing and Debugging C++ Programs | Tutorial for Beginners

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In this tutorial, you will learn How to Set up Visual Studio Code for Creating, Executing and Debugging C++ Programs.

00:00 Introduction
00:36 Check g++ and gdb are installed
01:44 Set up Visual Studio Code Work Space
04:58 Installing C/C++ Extension in VS Code
06:17 Configure C/C++ Properties
08:18 Set up Build Task and Run Program
13:27 Configure Task to Build and Run Executable File
24:04 Set up Vs code for debugging
26:46 Debug Cpp Program using a Break Point

Visual Studio Code is the widely used editor in Computer Programming field.
It is the best editor for a beginner in programming because it is simple, easy to set up and has all those features needed.

First you need to Download and Install C Cpp toolset ( Compiler , linker etc ) like mingw-w64. After that you need to install Visual Studio Code.

Download and Install gcc using Mingw-w64 and msys2

Download and Install Visual Studio Code

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